Washington DC Metro Fares

I always wonder how much the fare will be between the Washington DC metro stations. If I want to travel from Metro Center station to Stadium-Armory station, how much will it cost?

I did some research and came up with the most updated information about the Metrorail fare. The cost of the ticket depends on the length of the ride, the time you ride, and the day of the week. The following table shows the complete details of DC metro fares:

WeekdaysRegular FareReduce Fare
Monday-Friday (5 am-9:30 pm)$2.00-$6.00$1.00-$3.00
Saturday-Sunday & after 9:30 pm$2.00$1.00
DC Metrorail Fare of the week

Fares are normally higher during the peak hours and lower after 9:30 pm and on weekends. The Peak time is from 5 AM to 9:30 PM when there is a rush on the metro lines. The cost of the ride also depends on how many stations you are traveling. For example, during off-peak hours, if you are standing at L’Enfant Plaza station and want to travel to the Metro Center, you will pay $2 for traveling one stop to the Smithsonian, and the total fare to reach the Metro Center will depend on the number of stops from L’Enfant Plaza.

The metro also offers reduced fares for senior citizens and people with disabilities. If you want to plan your trip around Washington DC, the WAMATA trip planner is the best tool for planning your journey. The DC metro also offers different passes: 1-day unlimited pass, 3-day unlimited pass, 7-day unlimited pass, 7-day short trip pass, and monthly unlimited pass. The pricing of these different passes is given below in the table:

S.NoMetrorail PassRegular Price
1 1-day unlimited pass$13
2 3-day unlimited pass$28
3 7-day unlimited pass$58
4 7-day short trip pass$38
5 monthly unlimited pass$64-$192
DC Metro Passes name and pricing

Now, the question is how I will pay the fare for my metro ride anywhere in the national capital. Well, to pay the Metrorail fare, we will use Smartrip. I did research and came up with the most updated information about paying the Metrorail fare using Smartrip.

Introduction to SmarTrip

Are you tired of paper tickets and carrying spare change to pay for metro tickets? Welcome to Smartrip! It’s a safer and faster method for paying metro fares than using cash.

Smartrip is a payment service used to pay the fares of Washington DC Metrorail, Metrobus, and other regional transport services. It is available both as an app and as a plastic card. It also enables riders to pay for metro parking lots and garages. It is an auto-reloadable card and easy to use. Just tap your card on the Smartrip logo sensor, and you’re ready to go and enjoy your trip.

Benefits of SmarTrip

There are a lot of benefits to using the SmarTrip for metro fare:

  • It can be used as a payment method for Metrorail, Parking, Metrobus, and other local transport services in the capital.
  • It can be managed online with secure balance protection, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.
  • It has a dedicated mobile app and auto-reload option.
  • The most secure payment method than pay in cash.

How to use SmarTrip?

Using SmarTrip to pay metro fare is super easy! Whether you have a plastic card or the SmarTrip mobile app, just follow these steps:

palstic smatrip

If you have a plastic card, simply tap it on the SmarTrip logo sensor at the fare gate, when entering or exiting the station.

mobile pay metro

If you have the mobile app, simply follow the same method: hold your mobile device above the sensor, and it will automatically deduct the ticket price, and you’re ready to go.

How to Purchase SmarTrip?

Getting the SmarTrip card is very easy; it costs only $2 and can be purchased through three methods:

  1. Online: Plastic cards can be purchased from the SmarTrip store online using a debit or credit card and are typically delivered within 5 working days.
  2. Physically: You can also purchase the card from any Metro station, commuter store, or sales office.
  3. On Mobile: You can also obtain it on your mobile device by installing the app on Android or iOS, and it can be securely managed online.


A 3-day pass for the DC metro will cost you $28

Yes, SmarTrip is accepted on the metro bus, ART, DASH, RideON, DC Circular, and other regional transport services.

No, you can’t share your SmarTrip card with any other person